About Georgina

Dressage b&wGeorgina has worked and been around animals breeds large and small all her life. Her passion for animals was her driving factor to pursue a career working with them. Georgina has owned and ridden a number of competition horses and eventing is her passion. Georgina has a recent beautiful new addition to her horse family in “Carrera” aka Iris WB a 4yr old Dutch WB mare who she hopes will help Georgina fulfill her ambition of riding round a 1* BE course.

It was when Georgina’s sports horse was unexpectedly injured in 2005 she had her first experience of the effectiveness Mctimoney – Corley treatments have on a horse. After significant veterinary treatment (and a large bill!) a Mctimoney-Corely practitioner was recommended to Georgina. After the very first treatment her horse responded positively. Her practitioner worked alongside her vet to bring the horse through rehabilitation, and successfully back into competition.

When Georgina decided to re locate back to the Isle of Wight she decided to train to become a musculoskeletal practitioner herself as there were no practitioners on the Island that could offer the treatment that is so valuable to her horses.

Since 2012 Georgina has been treating a number of animals both on the Island and mainland covering the area of Hampshire and the South Coast. Georgina’s clients range from large competition yards where performance is optimum to leisure riders who want to ensure their horses are working to their full ability and wellbeing catered for.

Georgina is also on the Register of Amimal Musculoskeletal Practitioners. (RAMP). This is a new professional’s register that was launched in 2017. RAMP is the definitive register of professionals who meet stringent “Gold” standards of competence to treat animals using Chiropractic, Osteopathic and Physiotherapy Techniques.

While Georgina covers all aspects of equine, canine and Human well being; performance and rehabilitation is her specialism. Georgina loves every aspect of her work but Performance and Rehabilitation is what she gets super excited about. The start of 2018 educational year sees Georgina commencing her Post Graduate Certificate at Hartpury University Centre in Equine Performance and Rehabilitation. Georgina is so excited and cannot wait to have all those high end facilities and professors at her finger tips.

Georgina also owns 2 dogs. A Dalmatian who use to regularly participate in agility with the Wight Agility Group. Georgina decided to retire “Finley” from agility due to aging and suffering with an irregular gait in his hind legs. Finley also has a sister in “Posie” a beautiful Lemon and White beagle. Georgina’s canine clients range from racing Greyhounds, to agility dogs, show dogs, breeding dogs and family pets.

Georgina works closely with Veterinary surgeons, farriers, saddlers, dentist and trainers to provide the best suitable care for your animal.

Georgina regularly provides 121 packages to clients to teach massage, exercises and rehabilitation programmes to owners direct. She also runs regular massage workshops catering for children, novice adults and the competitive rider. Georgina also offers talks and presentations at club events or social evenings.

Please contact her further should you require further information about these.