When I Can Help


• Lameness or intermittent lameness.
• Fast and flat jumping over fences with little or no bascule.
• Uncharacteristically refusing to jump.
• Unwillingness to engage hind quarters and work in the correct contact.
• General drop in performance.
• Hollowing the back.
• Reluctance or inability to strike off on correct canter lead.
• Uncharacteristic change in behaviour or mood of the animal.
• Signs of pain.
• Reluctance or sensitivity being saddled or bridled.
• Uneven shoe wear.
• One sided stiffness.
• Irregular stride or rhythm.

Dogs and Cats:

• Lameness / intermittent lameness or limping.
• Not wishing to distribute weight evenly on all 4 limbs.
• Not moving straight.
• Difficulty jumping, climbing chairs, running, getting up, laying down or getting in and out of cars.
• Asymmetrical wagging tail.
• Displaying signs of pain or change in behaviour or mood.
• Drop in performance (Agility, racing dogs et.)